Lack of Government Accountability Hurts the Poor

homeless man



Did you know that most of the money that exists in our country belongs to the top 1% of our nation’s socioeconomic strata? That’s right–while people are starving out in the streets, there are those who are living in gross excess. Think of how unjust this is! Obviously, upon reading this, you must be thinking, surely there is something that the government is doing about this. While that seems like a reasonable assumption, you will be shocked to find out that you are WRONG!



Here is the awful truth: many politicians take on the endorsements of large corporations in order to fund their campaigns. In return, the politicians help the corporations through allowing them to save money through loopholes and tax breaks. In other words, politicians allow themselves to be bought out by these super companies. This lack of accountability results in huge political leverage for these corporations, allowing them to make more and more money.



It is important to realize that within these large corporations is where the 1% of the nation’s richest reside. Meanwhile, there are those who are homeless or living in near poverty conditions. The worst part about this is that it is very difficult for these kinds of people to get back on their feet financially. This is where the government is supposed to step in and assist those in need. However, this is happening very inefficiently because the politicians are too busy excepting money from and helping out the rich corporations! This is unjust and a lack of government accountability. This must be stopped

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