Lack of Government Accountability in Flint


ATTENTION! There has been a huge lack of government accountability that has turned into a modern day crisis and tragedy. The people of Flint, Michigan are now suffering from government mismanagement, and their water is poisoned with lead.


One of the things that lead to this crisis was the inaction of the heinously criminal Governor Rick Snyder of the state of Michigan. While the pipes that made the infrastructure of the town were old and needed replacing, Snyder turned a blind eye to the problem. Instead, he focused on other issues (and making them worse for that matter) such as raising tuition for public colleges in Michigan, trying to use tax money for unneeded bridges, and even working on a bill that would make gay sex illegal in the state of Michigan. While all of his efforts were focused on other unimportant matters, the people of Flint, Michigan began to become poisoned by the lead from the old pipes under the ground of the city. However, Governor Rick Snyder’s fail to action was completely overlooked by the rest of the state government. In this way, there was a complete lack of accountability in the matter, resulting in the suffering of innocent, undeserving human beings.


Now that this issue has come to a head, there has been no action taken by either the federal or state government to punish Governor Rick Snyder for his awful crimes. The people of Michigan have asked for justice, but again, there is a lack of accountability in the government, resulting in corruption and suffering.



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