Mismanagement of Education



In our country, there are different departments that tend to different domestic issues. For example, the Department of Labor makes sure that minimum wage keeps our citizens income at a livable level. Additionally, the Department of Education is responsible for the education of the young citizens who will take the reigns of our society and government in the future. Because this is such an important task, the Department of Education should be held accountable for the academic progress of our nation’s youth. However, this progress has not been apparent in recent years, and the Department of Education has had nothing to show for it.



Our education system is failing. In international standardized testing, our country’s students have fallen well below many of our industrialized counterparts. This shows an academic regression in our country, and this is unacceptable. If the Department of Education was doing its job, then the internationally standardized test scores would reflect as such. However, these test scores are decreasing. Somebody needs to come in and ensure that this department is doing this job.



One of the large issues domestically is that in urban areas, the dropout rates are increasing. This is a tragedy because we should be ensuring at least a high school education for our nation’s youth. However, the teaching and quality of the schools is so poor in some areas that students are choosing to revoke their enrollment from school. This is an injustice. The Department of Education should be held accountable for making sure that dropout rates are steadily and quickly decreasing.

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