Needed Accountability for War Crimes




Our nation has had a long history of war and being involved in conflict. With each war, hundreds of thousands of good American troops are being shipped out in order to resolve the conflict. However, in many cases, injustices are committed because too much power is being given to soldiers intended to establish peace. Unfortunately, some of these injustices are heinous war crimes. This happens often with each and every war in which our country involves itself. The worst part about this is that justice is not being served and that accountability is lacking.



Oftentimes, some soldiers are guilty of using unlawful methods of torture to extract information from prisoners. For example, waterboarding, which is now illegal, was used frequently at Guantanamo Bay prison facility. However, when it was finally continued to be inhumane and unlawful, those who had performed it were not punished at all. This shows injustice, inaction, and also a lack of accountability



In addition to unlawful torturing, some soldiers have committed unspeakable acts against many innocent people. For example, in Vietnam, some soldiers were found to be guilty of pillaging a small village, murdering the men, and raping the women and children. These acts are absolutely repulsive and evil. However, the government has adopted a hush-hush approach to this incident and many other incidents like it. This shows large dishonesty and a lack of integrity and accountability on the part of the federal government. As a result, our government has become a group advocating and sympathizing with dastardly and deplorable academic and human behavior.

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