Accountability for Politician’s Histories



One of the worst things about politicians is that when they make a bad decision that gravely affects the lives of others, they tend to try to hide it when they run for election for some sort of office. This is particularly bad because those who are not as informed may think that this politician is okay, when in reality, they are not the best choice for office because of poor legislative choices that they have made. This shows a complete lack of government accountability and a failure to be transparent with voters.


Voting and campaign history

Perhaps the most egregious errors that you can spot in a politician’s history is to see who they have worked with and how they have voted. One very good modern example is the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She is now running for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. However, in the past, she worked in the Barry Goldwater campaign. Barry Goldwater was a second-rate Republican candidate who actually voted against the Civil Rights Act. This is particularly concerning for Ms. Clinton because she is now trying to tout that she is all for Civil Rights for everyone. However, her history shows that she in fact has worked with politicians who have opposed this. This is a very grave discrepancy in value to take into account.


Continuing with the lack of accountability in the government, Clinton also voted for the War in Iraq, which was a fiscally irresponsible decision that cost many American lives. However, she is trying to move past that in her campaign. She should, however, be held accountable for her actions and that information should be widely disseminated to the public to inform their vote.

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