Government Accountability Lacking


It is a scary thing to not be able to trust anyone. As humans, our sociological foundations depend on trust. If we as humans cannot trust other human beings, then cooperation in society will be very difficult. Given this knowledge, it is paramount that our nation has leaders who are trustable. Unfortunately, this is not the case. How on earth are we supposed to progress in this world as a nation if we cannot trust our own government? One of the problems that we can fix is to restore the lack of government accountability.

government corruption money hands


There are several ways in which the government is not earning our trust in the area of accountability. For one, there is a large amount of corruption present. This corruption can come in many forms. One of the biggest forms of corruption deals with money. For example, the hard-earned taxpaying dollars of honest and good Americans are being laundered into the grubby hands of greedy politicians just looking to make a buck. A recent study done by a respectable university reported that up to 5 cents per American tax dollar could be involved in illegal and fraudulent activity in the government. Can you believe that?! Doing the math, that means that a whopping 5 percent of the the large sum of money collected by the Internal Revenue Service is being stolen from good Americans. This needs to stop if we are going to be a decent and honest nation. Furthermore, the money saved from stopping these greedy politicians can be used for schools, roads, and other programs. We need to restore government accountability.

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